Single page application example angular

AngularJs is a powerful javascript framework for building dynamic web applications. It became insanely popular nowadays. The good thing about Angular is that it has a set of ready-to-use modules to simplify building of single page applications. In this tutorial, we will show you how to build a simple single page application.

Even though we will build a small app, you will learn the concepts and will be able to build larger apps. Single page application SPA is a web application that fits on a single page. And navigation between pages performed without refreshing the whole page. Even if user loses internet connection, SPA can still work because all the pages are already loaded.

You need to write pretty much javascript, handle shared state between pages, manage permissions, etc. To index your SPA app, search engine crawlers should be able to execute javascript.

Only recently Google and Bing started indexing Ajax-based pages by executing JavaScript during crawling. You need to create static HTML snapshots specially for search engines. Every angular application starts from creating a module. Module is a container for the different parts of your application: controllers, service, etc. Then need to specify our module in ng-app attribute and controller in ng-controller attribute.

Since we have our module and controller set up and we know that Angular is working properly, we will start working on adding single page application support. If your company is hiring a JavaScript developer, check out this JavaScript test prepared by our professionals. It will allow you to identify the best talents very easily! Then we need to specify that our module depends on ngRoute module to be able to use it.

The next thing is to distinguish common HTML for every page. This HTML will be layout of the website. Then we need to specify the place where HTML of each page will be placed in our layout.

There is a ng-view directive for that. In plain words, it takes the file we specified for current route and injects it into the layout in the place of ng-view directive. When HTML is ready, we need to configure our routes.

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If user will try to go to the route that does not exist, we can handle this by using otherwise function. Then we need to build controllers for every route we already specified their names in routeProvider :.

This pages will always be used inside layout as partial HTML. When angular see this templates, it will load its content to the template cache and will not perform ajax request to get their content.

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In this tutorial, you learned how to build a single page application using Angular. Now you can go ahead and create more complex single page apps. This programming tutorial is written by Tests4Geeks team. We build programming tests and the test maker tool to make your recruitment process easier and faster. Is it required that we get content from the controller or can we just put html on the index. How is it helpful to put our content into the controller app. Congrats on the article!

Build Single Page Application Using AngularJS (Tutorial with Example)

The first simple angularJs that explains clearly the routing process without creating monstruous confusing things.Angular is a TypeScript-based open source framework used to develop frontend web applications. It is the successor of AngularJS and all mentions of Angular refer to versions 2 and up.

Angular has features like generics, static-typing, and also some ES6 features. Google released the initial version of AngularJS on October 20, The stable release of AngularJS was on December 18,of version 1. The last significant release of AngularJS, version 1. Angular 2. One new feature of Angular 2.

single page application example angular

After some modifications, Angular 4. Angular 4 is backwards compatible with Angular 2.

Angular Single Page Applications (SPA): What are the Benefits?

Angular 5 released on November 1,a major feature of which is support for progressive web apps. Angular 6 was released in Mayand Angular 7 in October The latest stable version is 7. This tool allows the creation of new projects and generating components, services, modules, and so on, to a standard the Angular team consider to be best practices. You develop apps in the context of an Angular workspace. A workspace contains the files for one or more projects.

A project is the set of files that comprise an app, a library, or end-to-end e2e tests. Launch the server by using the CLI command ng serve with the --open option. Angular contains many schematics for building applications.

Components are one such schematic. They encompass a single unit of logic concerned with a single part of the application. Components often partner with other schematics to operate more effectively.

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Components simplify the application. Funneling logic into a single section of the visible interface is their primary goal. To build applications step-by-step, you must build component-by-component.

Components act as Angular's building blocks after all. This is the basic skeleton from which all great components originate. The Component decorator is the most important part. Without it, the above example becomes a generic class. Angular relies on decorators to discern a class' schematic type.

Component receives metadata as a single object. Decorators are just JavaScript functions under the hood. They take in arguments as with the metadata object. The metadata object configures a component's basic dependencies. Each fields plays a role. Think of metadata as a big blob of configuration. The decorator takes it so that it can generate the data specific to the component. The decorator decorates the underlying class with data necessary for its class' behavior.

A component class that is. The class' signature exports by default so that the component can be imported.In this post, we are going to cover the main benefits of adopting an SPA Architecture while building our Angular Applications, and answer some very common questions regarding SPAs in general. The Top Benefits. What is a SPA? This type of applications have been around for years, but they have not yet become widespread in the public Internet. There is both a good reason for that and an even better reason on why that could change in the near future.

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SPAs did get adopted a lot over the last few years for building the private dashboard part of SaaS Software as a Service platforms or Internet services in general, as well as for building enterprise data-driven and form-intensive applications.

The answer is no, it does not, but that is an interesting possibility that it brings, given the many benefits of building an application that way. Which brings us to a key question:. This is something that is often taken for granted. Everybody is building applications this way, but what is the big advantage of that?

There have to be at least a couple of killer features, right? Understanding the advantages of SPA use in production will actually also answer the key question:. Sometimes names in Software Development are not well chosen, and that can lead to a lot of confusion.

That is certainly not the case with the term SPA: a single page application literally has only one page!! If you start navigating around, you will see that the page does not fully reload — only new data gets sent over the wire as the user navigates through the application — that is an example of a single page application.

Let me give you an explanation for what is the advantage of building an application like that and how does that even work. The page that gets downloaded is the very first request that you will see in the Chrome Network tab panel — that is the literally the Single Page of our Application. Except for the tag, there is not much going on here. Note: on the actual website the page downloaded also has HTML that was pre-rendered on the server using Angular Universal. Notice the names of the CSS and Javascript bundles: All the CSS and even all the Javascript of the application which includes Angular is not even coming from the same server as the index.

Also, notice that the name of the bundles is versioned: it contains the timestamp at which the deployment build was executed that deployed this particular version of the application. A single page application is super-simple to deploy if compared to more traditional server-side rendered applications: it's really just one index.Angular is a Framework of JavaScript used to build web and mobile applications.

Angular 8 is a client-side TypeScript based structure which is used to create dynamic web applications. Its first version was released by Google in and named as AngularJS. Angular 8 is the updated version of Angular 2. Angular 8 is a great UI User Interface library for the developers. Angular is a reusable UI component helps us constructing attractive, consistent, and functional web pages and web application. It contains menu, buttons, and blocks on a single page and when a user clicks on them, it dynamically rewrites the current page without loading new pages from the server so that its speed is fast.

Angular 8 has entirely based on component and consist of some tree structures with parent and child component. Angular 8 classes are created in such a way that the web page can fit in any screen size so that they are fully compatible with mobiles, tablets, laptops, and large systems. If we are using Angular 5 or 6 and want to update to Angular 8, below is the command which will update our app to the recent version of Angular.

Some features of Angular 8 came with the release of new versions to make the framework more attractive and sturdy. The Ivy project is rewriting the Angular compiler and run-time code to make it better, faster, and smaller. So, it allocates the memory when the DOM nodes are added or removed. Following is a diagram which represents that it decreases the bundle size in this way.

Angular Team added backward compatibility mode to Angular router that helps to generate the path for large projects and make it easier to move to Angular with lazy loading. A web worker is included while building the production bundles, which are essential for improving the parallel ability and help to increase the performance.

The angular framework itself built with Bazel.

single page application example angular

Lazy loading is based on the concepts of Angular Routing and it helps bring down the size of large files by lazily loading the data that are required. Opt-in sharing telemetry can collect data commands used and the build speed if users allow them, which will help developers improve in the future.

The Angular CLI is continuously improving, and now the ng-build, ng-test and ng-run are equipped to be extended by 3 rd party libraries and tool. The new version allows us to use builders API. It uses builders for mail operations like Serve, build, test, link, and e2e and now we can create our custom builders as well. It helps increased reliability and performance without needing to code against low-level APIs and can achieve native-like application download and installation.

The Component Dev Kit CDK is a set of tools that implement common interaction patterns while being preserve about their presentation. It is a command-line tool for creating angular apps. It is mentioned to use angular CLI for creating angular apps as if we do not need to spend time to install and configur e all the required dependencies and wiring everything together.

Join YouTube Channel. Angular 8 Tutorial by admin Jul 7, Angular 8 0 comments. Pin It on Pinterest. It uses Typescript language which provides class-based object-oriented programming languages and support features of server site programming language.Traditionally, applications were Multi-Page Application MPA where with every click a new page would be loaded from the server.

This was not only time consuming but also increased the server load and made the website slower. Single Page Applications are web applications that load a single HTML page and only a part of the page instead of the entire page gets updated with every click of the mouse. The page does not reload or transfer control to another page during the process. This ensures high performance and loading pages faster. Most modern applications use the concept of SPA.

In the SPA, the whole data is sent to the client from the server at the beginning. As the client clicks certain parts on the webpage, only the required part of the information is fetched from the server and the page is rewritten dynamically. This results in a lesser load on the server and is cost-efficient. It is also a good option for mobile applications. But businesses that depend largely on search engine optimizations such as e-commerce applications must avoid single-page applications and opt for MPAs.

Writing code in comment? Please use ide. Related Articles. Last Updated : 23 Jul, Advantages: Team collaboration Single-page applications are excellent when more than one developer is working on the same project. It allows backend developers to focus on the API, while the frontend developers can focus on creating the user interface based on the backend API.

Caching The application sends a single request to the server and stores all the received information in the cache. This proves beneficial when the client has poor network connectivity. Debugging is easier Debugging single page applications with chrome is easier since such applications are developed using like AngularJS Batarang and React developer tools.The library also enables applications to get access to Microsoft cloud services and Microsoft Graph.

In this scenario, after a user signs in, an access token is requested and added to HTTP requests through the authorization header. Token acquisition and renewal are handled by MSAL. You can find the source code for the MSAL.

single page application example angular

Follow the instructions to register a single-page application in the Azure portal. On the app Overview page of your registration, note the Application client ID value for later use. For more information about available configurable options, see Initialize client applications. MSAL Angular provides an Interceptor class that automatically acquires tokens for outgoing requests that use the Angular http client to known protected resources.

Next, provide a map of protected resources to MsalModule. However, we recommend using the MsalInterceptor class instead for Angular apps, as shown in the previous section.

The acquireTokenSilent method handles token acquisitions and renewal without user interaction. After the loginRedirect or loginPopup method is executed for the first time, acquireTokenSilent is commonly used to obtain tokens used to access protected resources in later calls. Calls to request or renew tokens are made silently. In that code, scopes contains scopes being requested to be returned in the access token for the API. The recommended pattern for most applications is to call acquireTokenSilent first, then catch the exception, and then call acquireTokenPopup or acquireTokenRedirect to start an interactive request.

Calling acquireTokenPopup results in a pop-up sign-in window. Alternatively, acquireTokenRedirect redirects users to the Microsoft identity platform.

In that window, users need to confirm their credentials, give consent to the required resource, or complete two-factor authentication. This quickstart uses the loginRedirect and acquireTokenRedirect methods with Microsoft Internet Explorer because of a known issue related to the handling of pop-up windows by Internet Explorer.

For an example of how to add UI by using the Angular Material component library, see the sample application. Start the web server to listen to the port by running the following commands at a command-line prompt from the application folder:. The first time that you start to sign in to your application, you're prompted to grant it access to your profile and allow it to sign you in:.

By default, this scope is automatically added in every application that's registered on the registration portal.All we need to know about AngularJS was explained in our previous tutorial.

Tutorial: Sign in users and call the Microsoft Graph API from an Angular single-page application

In this tutorial, we will get to know more about developing a single page application using AngularJS. Netflix uses AngularJS in its client-side framework to enrich the user functionalities in their web applications.

This means that the navigation within Netflix is performed without refreshing the whole page. Nowadays, there are many javascript applications that are available in the market like ember. Unlike AngularJS, backbone. Whereas, ember JS has dependencies on handlebars and jQuery. Navigation between web pages built using AngularJS is very simple when compared to those that are built using other javascript frameworks. Once the application is built using AngularJS, automated testing could be performed for quality assurance using selenium.

This is one of the awesome features of applications built using AngularJS development. AngularJS supports two-way data binding, i. AngularJS is supported in most of the browsers including IE version 9 and above. It can adapt to work on mobiles, tablets, and laptops too. AngularJS supports agility which means that it can cater to new requests from businesses as and when they come up into competitive work environments.

The controllers can be implemented in the MVC architecture to service these requests. When a developer wants to customize an existing application, he can use the modules that are already available and tweak the code instead of building the whole application from scratch. Moreover, the contributors and experts in AngularJS are many in number, hence you would get quick responses to any queries that you post on discussion forums.

Hence, every AngularJS application contains a module comprising of controllers, services, etc. It is now confirmed that our module and controller are set up, and AngularJS is working properly. Once an HTML layout for the website is created, we need to use the ng-view directive to specify the place where the HTML of each page will be placed in our layout.

Step 8: Configure the pages. When Angular detects the templates defined by the ng-template directives, it will load its content to the template cache and will not perform Ajax request to get their content.

How Single Page Applications Work (with AngularJS)

Observe that the hyperlinks First, Second, Third on the page are routers and when you click on them, navigation to the corresponding web pages occur, without refreshing. Hope you could create a simple SPA as demonstrated in this blog. Once you get the output successfully, you can try out complex SPAs on the same lines. However, the new version of AngularJS, i. Else there are various technologies like Node JS application development etc.

Stay tuned to our upcoming tutorial to explore about Upgrading Angular Version! Last Updated: January 18, Conclusion Recommended Reading. NET Web Application.

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