Replacing power steering pump 2004 acura mdx

I order this pressure hose for my Acura mdx due to a power steering leakage, i replaced and the car is running like new again this is a good product,i totally recommended. This power steering pressure line was an exact factory replacement, right down to the Acura OEM part number printed on the packaging.

It had the rubber mounts installed for the clamps, and even the pump fitting O ring was on it. The bends were perfect. Great savings. I received this item in the overnight shipping mode!

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Lighting speed shipping, my first experience with the parts geek guys! Skip to main content Menu. Close X. Call To Order: Alignment Shim Multi-Pack. Ignition Immobilizer. Ignition Switch. Power Steering Cooler. Power Steering Cooler Bracket. Power Steering Cooling Line. Power Steering Filter. Power Steering Fluid. Power Steering Hose.

Power Steering Hose Connector. Power Steering Hose Fitting. Power Steering Hose O-Ring. Power Steering Oil Pressure Switch. Power Steering Pipe. Power Steering Pressure Switch Connector.

Power Steering Pump. Power Steering Pump Bracket. Power Steering Pump Pulley.I have to replace my power steering rack, Acura MDX.

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My brother has offered to do it but said it could take a long time if the engine cradle has to be dropped and steering colum removed. He's never done one on a MDX before. I confident he can do it, I just hate to ask him to do such a big job on his day off. He's n My car transmission failed with onlymiles on it. This is the second time I have had transmission problem. I first time was not total fail My suv has been very well maintained overall throughout my eight year ownership.

This suv was part of an Acura recall regarding the transmission before my ownership. This vehicle has traveledI have a different car. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus.

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replacing power steering pump 2004 acura mdx

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Related Questions. Start a new Acura MDX question. Sell Your Car Yourself With a simple, secure transaction.A genuine Acura fully utilizes an unmatched motor architecture with its performance drivetrain.

When they need performance and enduring design car buyers seek out the technology which goes into every Acura vehicle.

Acura is known for delivering well-made and dynamic autos which look as good as they drive. The distinguishing charm of a luxurious Acura is the embodiment of top-notch expertise, style and power.

That Acura in the garage was designed with care and skill; it ought to have new OEM parts with a similar top level of quality. Any automobile not fitted out with an Acura Power Steering Pump is hard to drive because it involves more force when holding still than is convenient for most people.

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The Acura Power Steering Pump has its origin in a pump made for steamships in the 19th century, in response to a desire for superior ease in handling. Your car or truck's Acura Power Steering Pump operates by generating hydraulic power that assists in steering your car. If you purchased that high-performance car to enjoy its awesome power and performance, protect your decision and buy only the best replacement parts. Your car or truck is special due to its high performance and terrific style, so to keep it purring along in its best shape you'll need the best in replacement parts and accessories.

If you cherish the performance of an Acura, maintain it with our very best parts. No matter whether you drive a classic roadster or a minivan, we have all the accessories you are looking for right here.

For tremendous performance from your car or truck, you'll figure out that good parts are part of great performance - PartsGeek. Skip to main content Menu. Close X.

replacing power steering pump 2004 acura mdx

Call To Order: To return a part, simply submit a support ticket within 30 days of ordering and we will issue you an RMA number to return your product. See customer service page for refund and return details. We scour the web to make sure PartsGeek always has low prices. You can buy with confidence!

A1 Cardone. AC Delco. Atlantic Automotive. Atlantic Automotive Eng. BBB Industries. DIY Solutions. Acura Tie Rod.

Acura Steering Rack. Acura Power Steering Hose. Acura Steering Gearbox. Acura Ignition Lock Assembly. Acura Idler Arm. Acura Air Bag Clockspring. Acura Ignition Switch. Click to Enlarge. Replacement Power Steering Pump.Rosen Nissan helped make these videos. This video shows you how to fix minor power steering fluid leaks in your Acura MDX. Correct power steering fluid levels help make your MDX easier to turn, especially at lower speeds.

Watch our What is Leaking? Power steering fluid is typically clear, pink or red in color and is oily to the touch. If the steering wheel is difficult to turn or you noticed power steering fluid leaking from your MDX, watch the video above to see where the power steering fluid reservoir in your MDX is located and how to fix minor power steering fluid leaks.

A small power steering fluid leak can make your MDX hard to turn. When you check your power steering fluid level, make sure your MDX is parked on a level surface with the 3.

We recommend wearing safety glasses and gloves when dealing with any engine fluids, including power steering fluid. Hans Angermeier has produced overvideos showing drivers how to fix things on their cars.

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He has broad expertise on basic repair procedures covering the majority of cars on the road. If your battery has green or white cruddy deposits, it is probably not getting enough juice from and will likely wear out sooner. A check engine light can be cleared with a simple fix or it could be a major problem - find out now!

Car companies often use the same engines in different cars. They also slightly alter the styling and sell the same car by two different names amongst other tricks to help offset development costs. Our system selects the most applicable video for your car based, in part, on these characteristics. The video displayed may not look exactly like your car, but may be relevant enough for you to get a good idea how to do it.

Getting Started - Prepare for the repair.

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Share on. Full list of part and tools. Author Hans Angermeier has produced overvideos showing drivers how to fix things on their cars.Our mobile mechanics offer services 7 days a week. Upfront and transparent pricing. Our certified mobile mechanics can come to your home or office 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM.

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The power steering pump is a belt-driven or electric-driven hydraulic pump that generates the hydraulic pressure needed to provide power steering assist. It develops output pressures of 1, PSI or more. The pump output is directed to the steering gear, often a rack and pinion type unit, where the hydraulic pressure pushes on the steering rack, greatly reducing the effort it would otherwise take to turn the steering wheel. If the power steering pump is operated without an adequate amount of fluid, and the pump reservoir will not hold fluid due to a large leak.

The pump could seize, which would snap the serpentine belt and likely leave you stranded. If the pump turns and there is adequate fluid, but there is no power assist, it will require much greater effort to turn the steering wheel, and that presents inherent safety risks.

Estimate price near me. Service Location. YourMechanic Benefits Online Booking. Mechanic comes to you. Free 50 point safety inspection. See availability. Power Steering. When to consider replacing the power steering pump: Groaning or whining noise when turning. Noise can occur if there is wear on the pump bearings or impeller vanes. A low fluid level or trapped air can also cause noises.

replacing power steering pump 2004 acura mdx

If the pump has already been operating while dry, adding fluid may not resolve the noise and replacement of the pump might be necessary. Power steering fluid leaks. Leaks can develop at pump seals, threaded connections, hoses, or on the steering rack and pinion unit.

Pump seal leaks will generally require a replacement. Difficult steering. Should you notice it is harder to turn the steering wheel, it might mean the power steering pump output pressure is too low, or there could be blockages in the pump or lines. Damage to the pump pulley. Should the pump pulley become damaged or is loose on the pump shaft, you might detect vibration, drive belt damage, or hard steering.To complete this procedure you'll need up to four 12 ounce bottles of genuine Honda power steering fluid.

The tools and other items needed include a pair of pliers, an automotive fluid pumpan automotive funnel and an empty plastic water bottle. I had been unhappy with the pulsations and jerking of my steering wheel in slow speed turns around parking lots and highway on or off ramps, so I decided to buy some Lucas "Stop Leak" Power Steering Fluid to temporarily solve the problem until I feel that the entire steering rack needs to be replaced.

Open the hood and move to the front left corner of the engine bay behind the passenger side headlight housing. Locate the round grey plastic power steering fluid reservoir which has a red plastic cap on the top of it.

Carefully pull off the red plastic cap and set it aside in a safe place. Insert an automotive fluid pump into the power steering reservoir. I chose to buy the Pennzoil quart bottle fluid pump. Note: It is recommended that you do not re-use fluid pumps for different procedures on your MDX.

For example, I have dedicated fluid pumps for changing the rear differential fluid, the transfer case oil and now also the power steering fluid. Place the end of the tube into an empty water bottle. Then replace the red plastic cap. Gently pull back the metal tab on the reservoir's mounting bracket to release it.

replacing power steering pump 2004 acura mdx

Lift Up Reservoir Tank Release Metal Hose Clamp Pull Off Return Hose Carefully pull the reservoir tank off its mounting bracket and raise it up towards the top of the engine bay for easier access to the lower return line. Use a pair of pliers to squeeze together the two metal tabs on the hose clamp at the front edge of the tank. Carefully move the metal hose clamp back away from the reservoir tank and off the plastic nipple.

The hose clamp needs to be at least a few inches away from the end of the hose to allow room for the hose to be inserted into an empty water bottle.

The larger hose on the rear leads to the power steering pump and then to the power steering rack. The smaller hose on the front is the "return" line that leads from the "oil cooler" radiator.

We're sorry.

I used a large Fiji brand water bottle since it was my best option at the time. It is made out of relatively thick plastic that is much more sturdy than typical water bottles. I wedged the Fiji water bottle securely into the engine bay while keeping it away from the serpentine belt.

To help prevent the rubber hose from popping out of the water bottle and spraying old power steering fluid all over your engine bay ask me how I know it's possibleyou may want to secure the hose with some plastic cable ties, Gorilla Tape or have an assistant wearing gloves carefully hold the hose into the bottle.

Once the hose is secured deep inside the water bottle, start the engine and slowly turn the steering wheel from lock to lock. Keep an eye on the engine bay through the opening between the cowl and the bottom of the hood to make sure the rubber hose doesn't eject out of the bottle and spray old fluid on the engine. If your water bottle is small, you may need to empty it out and repeat the procedure to prevent from having it overfill. According to the service manual, the power steering system's total fluid capacity specification is 1.

Since the Honda power steering fluid is sold in 12 ounce bottles, you may need up to four bottles or 48 ounces to do a complete drain and re-fill. If your MDX has the optional accessory power steering cooler, the maximum capacity is 1.

S quarts or 1. If the screen appears to be clogged with debris or damaged, consider replacing the reservoir. The power steering oil tank part number is Honda S3V-A Once you have drained out all of the old power steering fluid, replace the plastic cap and push the rubber return hose all the way onto the plastic nipple at the front bottom of the tank.

Move Hose Clamp Rubber Hose Secured Replace Reservoir Tank Use the pliers to move the metal hose clamp until it is over the end of the rubber hose and on the plastic nipple. Carefully push the reservoir tank down into place on to its mounting bracket. You should feel or hear the tank "click" securely into place on the bracket. Pull off the red plastic cap and insert the automotive funnel.

I poured in the entire 12oz bottle of very thick stop leak fluid that resembled honey into the reservoir.We are now starting to go to Either makita or bosch. I still prefer Dewalt over Milwaukee any day.

Milwaukee, however makes better corded products.

Genuine Acura MDX Power Steering Pump

A reader emailed in, asking about the possibility of Dewalt coming out with 20V Max brushless versions of their premium drill and hammer drill.

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