New nissan z prototype

Our sneak preview of the most exciting cars coming in the next few years draws on knowledge from leaked product-development plans, spy photos, and loose-lipped insiders mixed in with information that has already been officially released.

The reporting for this story was completed in February and early March, before the auto industry began feeling major effects of the coronavirus pandemic. As many automakers are now delaying or pausing development programs, the debut and on-sale dates reported here may change. The sports car that everyone forgot—including Nissanapparently—is still alive, though hardly doing well.

Judged against today's sports cars, the year-old Nissan Z is about as competitive as a bicycle. Later this year, though, Nissan will finally give the Z-car the attention it deserves by introducing a successor. The new Z, code-named Z35, won't be a ground-up rethink. It will continue on the latest version of Nissan's FM platform and share components with the Infiniti Q60 coupe. The twin-turbo 3.

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A seven-speed automatic is the only transmission available in those Infinitis, but we're hopeful that a stick shift will be offered as well. Nissan already hinted that such a thing is possible when it bolted a six-speed manual to the twin-turbo engine for a modified Z SEMA concept in The engine and architecture can accommodate all-wheel drive, but we doubt Nissan will go that route.

The Z is a front-engine rear-wheel-drive sports car, and this one should stay true to that heritage.

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The Z name or ZX for nostalgia's sake would make the most sense given the engine's displacement, but we predict that Nissan will instead choose Z to assert the new car's superiority over its predecessors. The original Datsun Z is said to serve as a styling inspiration. We hope that means the Z will present simple, clean lines rather than the busy, borderline-tortured look seen on some recent Nissan concepts and production cars.

Watch the Nissan Z Proto Make Its Debut Live on Sept. 15

Roundish headlights and ZX-style taillights will reportedly serve as key retro touches. The old-school theme won't extend inside; that's a good thing because the Z's interior is in need of a modern makeover. The cabin should retain its cozy two-seat atmosphere, but it'll benefit from the latest Nissan infotainment system and a fresh dashboard design. New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

Future Cars Worth Waiting For: Illustration by Christian Schulte Car and Driver. The next-generation Nissan Z sports car is finally on the horizon, and here's what we know about it.

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The new Z will be the long-awaited replacement for the ancient Z, which has been on sale since with few updates. We expect the new Z to debut sometime this year as a model.The Nissan Z seems to be such a permanent fixture in the Nissan lineup, you've probably stopped wondering how long it's been around. Well, we're going to tell you anyway because it matters: The current-gen Z launched inand 12 years is a pretty long haul even for a sports car. In fact, there were doubts if a successor was ever going to materialize, and between the slew of negative press Nissan has received the last couple of years and the current economic climate, you would be forgiven for losing all hope.

Now the wait for what we believe will be called the Z is over. The Z Proto is a thinly-disguised concept version of that car, and with its world debut, squinting at underexposed silhouettes and replaying of teaser videos can cease. Indeed, what you see here is close to the production version of what will hit dealerships across America in the near future. We had the exclusive opportunity to spend a day with the prototype at Nissan's "Grandrive" proving ground in Oppama, just south of the company's Yokohama, Japan, headquarters.

Although Nissan is keeping a tight lip about technical information, there was a lot that we took away from our time with the car. The new Z's design is one of the best-executed retro homages we've seen, which is to say it throws back to its ancestors without being beholden to them, and in this single car you can easily identify nods to two very distinct generations of Nissan's iconic sport coupe.

The car's creases, curves, and sculpted lines are more dynamic when viewed in person, where it looks more aggressive and imposing. But when redesigning an icon, not everyone's going to come away happy. The front of the Z Proto is dominated by a massive rectangular mouth reminiscent of the similar—albeit far smaller—air inlet on the original Datsun Z.

The new Z's grille insert features an elongated oval pattern that helps give depth to its gaping maw, but more interesting are the crisp, clean lines that compose the rest of the front fascia. It's clear the front end is a modern remix of the low-slung and elongated snout of the ZG, a Japanese-market homologation special, right down to the creases on the hood.

The headlights have angular framework yet sport curved internal elements that hearken to that older model, too. Going further, according to Nissan, the curved daytime running lamps hint at half-circle reflections that could be seen in the headlight covers of that long-nose ZG. But actually, the gesture, the hood, and the power is very much the modern era.

Everything We Think We Know About the 2022 Nissan Z

It's a very wide stance [with a] very low feeling. Nissan conveniently had an Sgeneration "Fairlady" Z—the Japanese domestic name for America's Z—on hand for us to compare.

It's clear Albaisa guided his team to use that model for inspiration, as there are obviously strong, key touches that create an instantly recognizable link to the first-generation car. But Albaisa's also wanted the new Z to draw from his love for the s-era Zgeneration ZX and its "Tylenol-pill perimeter," as he calls it. To be sure, the rear hatch shape, taillamps, and bumper area scream Z Instead, the Z concept's rear glass intersects a short, flat panel that hosts a retrolicious Fairlady Z badge.

A cool retro Z logo also appears on the rear pillars. A blacked-out panel houses the elongated oval lighting elements as well as a backlit Nissan logo at its center. Take a few steps back, and the Proto Z even manages to hint at exotic cars like the Aston Martin Vantage, albeit with less luxurious proportions.

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Albaisa said the yellow paint color chosen for Z Proto takes a non-metallic hue from the original Z and adds the pearlescent paint technology used for the ZX: "There's so much pigment of yellow. It's so deep, it looks an inch thick. The second you roll it out into sunlight, you see this thing almost get plugged into an electrical socket. It becomes alive. Split five-spoke bronze wheels contrast heavily against the light metallic yellow, which is also applied to the meaty six-piston front and four-piston rear brake calipers borrowed from the GT-R.

It's unlikely baser models of the new Z will have such strong binders, but they seem feasible for an eventual higher-performance NISMO variant—a model we view as an inevitability. Inside, the interior looks production-ready, being as it's filled with vents, switches, stalks, and controls we're familiar with from other Nissan models. The new stuff in the cabin includes a As for technical specifications, the Proto is just that—a prototype—and, as mentioned, Nissan isn't saying much about what it means for the production Z.

The engine in question is reportedly the 3. A focus on the engine's force-fed nature is found in the rather large "Boost" gauge displayed on the digital cluster.

An automatic option is currently being developed for those who may not want to—or are not able to—row their own.The Nissan Z is one of the most important sports car families of all time. But today's Z is starting to wither on the vine. Quick and exciting as it may be, the decade-old Z is dated and spartan inside. But a replacement is coming.

new nissan z prototype

Here's what we know so far. On September 15, Nissan launched the Z Protoa near-production-ready prototype of its new Z sports car. With a retro-inspired design, the car is pretty much what the road-ready Z will looks like once it hits dealerships next year. The front end has a massive, boxed grille taken from the original Z, while the rear light cluster shares much of its styling with the Nineties ZX. There are other throwback styling touches as well, including the fastback roofline and teardrop-shaped headlights.

For a more in-depth analysis of the car's looks, head on over to our dedicated gallery. The new Z will be powered by a version of Infiniti's 3. Nissan hasn't release specs or performance numbers yet, saying only that it'll be more powerful than the current Z's horsepower 3. We suspect the car will use the horsepower version currently found in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 Red Sport The Z Proto shown above is equipped with a real, actual six-speed manual transmission, which Nissan says will be standard on the production car.

This gives the car an edge over its main competitor, the Toyota Suprawhich is currently only offered with an eight-speed automatic. Of course, a fast-shifting automatic will be available as an option for those who'd rather let the car do the shifting.

On the day of the Z Proto's launch, Nissan product specialist Hiroshi Tamura confirmed in an interview the new Nissan Z will use a heavily modified version of the current Z architecture, rather than an entirely new platform. This contradicts previous reports claiming the Z might instead share its underpinnings with the Infiniti Q In a world where sports cars are an ever-shrinking portion of the market, it's not exactly easy to justify the development of an all-new architecture.

So this move makes sense. Hopefully it won't have a negative impact on how the car drives. One thing we don't know is what it'll be called. Normally we assume that a new generation of a car will retain its current name, but Nissan's Z cars usually change names every generation.The Nissan Z Proto is set to be revealed in full on Tuesday, September 15, and will give us a first look at what the redesigned Nissan Z will look like.

The live debut is scheduled for p. ET on the Nissan website. Nissan has built up the anticipation for the new sports car with several teasers, including ones that revealed the Z could have a manual transmission.

Other teasers revealed how the Z Proto will sport a design that is at least partly influenced by the Zs of the past, showing off its Z-inspired headlights and ZX-inspired taillights.

While Nissan has held off on sharing many other details, we speculate that the Z Proto will be powered by the engine found in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 Red Sporta twin-turbo 3. That powerplant will churn out either or horsepower—it differs based on which Infiniti it sits in—and we aren't sure which one will be in the Z Proto. We'll tell you much more once the prototype is revealed on Tuesday. New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search.

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new nissan z prototype

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Free subscriber-exclusive audiobook! Get it now on Libro. At long last, Nissan has given us a look at the next car in its beloved and iconic Z lineup. This is the new Nissan Z Proto — for now, a prototype of what will replace the aging but brilliant Z.

Unveiled on Tuesday evening from Yokohama, Japan, the Z prototype wears a shade of pearlescent yellow paint and, to the relief of enthusiasts and Z fans everywhere, maintains the classical, sloped fastback Z design.

Nissan's Z cars have always represented driver-focused sportiness, but the current Z car, the Z, came onto the market in and has been long criticized for its age. Still, throughout its lifetime, the car has always offered enthusiasts a rewarding driving experience.

The new Z has big shoes to fill, since the car-enthusiast niche is famously a picky and nostalgia-filled one. Nissan was mum on many of the Z Proto's stats but did mention that it has a manual transmission mated to a twin-turbocharged V6 engine. It would be interesting if the new Z used a version of that engine, though nothing has been confirmed.

new nissan z prototype

Source: Nissan. Business Insider logo The words "Business Insider". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Loading Something is loading. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Redeem your free audiobook. Kristen Lee. The aged Nissan Z sports car's replacement will be the production version of the Z Proto prototype, unveiled on Tuesday.

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2021 Nissan 400Z Will Revive the Z-Car's Legacy with Twin-Turbo V-6 Power

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