Celestron xlt 150 ota

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Using aspheric shaping technology in conjunction with hand-figuring the optics the Omni XLT refractor Telescope by Celestron presents an image with virtually no spherical aberration. This Celestron Telescope features high quality optics, with each lens being hand selected so only the finest grade of optical glass is used, and the StarBright XLT Coating system to further enhance light transmission. Included with the Refractor Telescope is a 25 mm multi-coated eyepiece, 1.

celestron xlt 150 ota

The Omni Series is made of the highest quality materials to ensure stability and durability. All this adds up to a telescope that gives you a lifetime of pleasure with a minimal amount of maintenance. Furthermore, this Celestron Telescope is versatile, it will grow as your interest grows. The Celestron Omni XLT R Telescope 's features combined with Celestron 's legendary optical systems give amateur astronomers the most sophisticated and easy to use telescope available on the market today.

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Sky recognition technology that has revolutionized the manual telescope by eliminating the confusion common among beginners and enhancing the user experience for even seasoned telescope users. U nleash the full pointing accuracy of your Celestron computerized telescope with a specialized telescope control software suite. The new Lithium Phosphate LiFePO4 battery chemistry has significant advantages over other battery chemistries, great for for those Astronomers on the go. WiFi technology encircles the globe in a web of connectivity, knowledge, and information.

Now, Celestron is using that same technology to allow star gazers to connect to the night sky and enhance their experience of the cosmos in fun and unique ways. Planetarium software package which provides easy-to-understand explanations and impressive visuals of all kinds. Learn more about extra solar planets imagery, 3D Star rendering, observation planning, telescope control, multiple-panel printing, and much more.

Fastar Technology allows imagers the option of drastically increasing the speed and sensitivity of their Celestron optical tube, allowing bright, detailed images with short exposures. Our patented SkyAlign alignment technology makes setting up a computerized telescope simple, fast, and accurate. Just point the telescope at any three bright objects—stars, bright planets, or even the Moon—and your telescope can orient itself with the night sky.

Get ready for a night of astroimaging with your mount faster than previously thought possible with All-Star Polar Alignment. This innovative software solves the time-consuming problem of trying to pinpoint the North Celestial Pole. One of the most important factors in a telescope is its transmission—the percentage of light that reaches the focal plane. ED stands for "extra-low dispersion," which refers to the composition and optical properties of the glass used for the lenses.

ED glass is specially formulated and contains rare-earth compounds that greatly reduce a visual defect called chromatic aberration. This telescope control software replaces the hand control and allows the user to remotely control their Celestron computerized telescope from their personal PC or laptop.

EclipSmart solar products feature Solar Safe filter technology providing the ultimate protection from harmful solar radiation, including both IR and UV light, and filters Using aspheric shaping technology in conjunction with hand-figuring the optics, the Omni XLT presents an image with virtually no spherical aberration.Celestron claimed that it performed better optically than any other telescope of its aperture size.

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It was so successful that a modern descendent, the Omni XLTis still in the line and still popular. Obviously 6", short focal length Newtonian reflectors have staying power in the marketplace. Let's look at the reasons. The biggest is light grasp. That 5. That kind of light grasp is ideal for viewing otherwise invisible deep space objects, such as nebulae and galaxies.

In other words, these are bright telescopes. The robust Super Polaris German equatorial mount featured setting circles, precise manual slow motion controls, motion paddle locks, a Polaris finder scope with illumination and a wooden surveyor's type tripod. An optional dual axis, sidereal rate, 12 VDC motor drive set with hand controller was available. The latest version of this mount, the CG-4, has been improved.

It now features ball bearing races on both axis and a heavier tripod with 1. Both telescopes came with a parabolic primary mirror and a Plossl ocular that delivered x magnification.

For one thing, the C6 was gloss black with the word "Celestron" stenciled in orange on each side, while the Omni is finished in a pearl navy blue with white front and rear cells.

A more important difference is the focusers. The C6 used a slide focus system that moved the secondary mirror and focuser up and down in relation to the primary mirror. The secondary mirror was supported by a single wide, but narrow, aluminum arm. This design reduced the size of the secondary obstruction and focusing the scope automatically compensated for changes in the length of the seamless aluminum main tube due to temperature variations, a concern with most Newtonian reflectors.

The Omni XLT uses a conventional spider to support the secondary mirror and a rack and pinion focuser. Here are the basic specifications of both telescopes. C6 in parenthesis where different. My first "serious" telescope was an SPC6, so I feel qualified to comment on the breed. My good friend Jim Fleck and I pooled our resources to buy an SPC6 that neither of us could readily afford on his own. The SPC6 taught us the benefits of a German equatorial mount and how to use one.

It also taught us the benefits of Newtonian reflectors light grasp, reasonable price and their drawbacks frailty and susceptibility to the intrusion of dust and dirtalthough compared to most, the C6 was a robust Newtonian. We also appreciated the slide focus system, which eliminated much of the need to regularly collimate the scope.

It was also about as heavy as an 8" SCT on a German equatorial mount and just as time consuming to set up. That is why we eventually traded it for a Celestron SPC8. Similar to today's C8SGT without the go-to feature. However, we have never forgotten the bright, wide sky views from our 6" Newt.

Omni XLT 150 setup

It was a spectacular performer on large deep sky subjects, such as the Double Cluster, Andromeda Galaxy and Pleiades. As reasonably portable and reasonably economical deep sky scopes go, it was--and is--a standout. The SPC6 and XLT lack the focal length and perhaps contrast to be top performers on planetary subjects, but with short focal length oculars they will do the job, providing appealing views of both planets and the moon.

When we owned the SPC6, our short focal length high magnification oculars were Orthos or Plossls, so eye relief and apparent field of view were definitely restricted, making high magnification viewing less than ideal.

Such long eye relief, wide field oculars give short focal length telescopes practical, high magnification capability only dreamed of 20 years ago. These are relatively expensive eyepieces, but they would be a very good investment for the owner of a C6 or XLT telescope.

The CG-4 is stouter and dampens vibration very quickly.We will be glad to help. Read our article or get in touch. Your wishlist has been temporarily saved. Please Log in to save it permanently. Got questions? Click for live chat.

celestron xlt 150 ota

Using aspheric shaping technology in conjunction with hand-figuring the lens for absolutely the best optics available. This scope presents an image with virtually no spherical aberration. With superior optics and a stable platform, the Celestron Omni XLT series is a great choice for astrophotography. After aligning the mirror,this scope performed great. I had it out the night I received it,and even tho it was not a good night,I observed M Epsilon Lyra,and Jupiter.

Jupiter was too low,and over houses,but in moments of better seeing,there was good detail. The scope star-tested very good. The mount is heavy,and works well,and is easy to use. I highly recommend this scope. It is a very good value.

I've used my Omni for about 3 years. It's a sturdy well build product with good optics. I only wish I had the extra budget at the time of purchase to find a motorized goto mount. We researched telescopes very thoroughly before settling on the XLTand couldn't be more pleased. It offers an outstanding value in the market right now, balancing light grasp, very high quality optics, versatility and ease of use in an affordable and still-portable package.

The build quality and attention to detail is quite high, and it offers enough expandability to satisfy growing interests for many years. While no one scope can literally do it all, the XLT comes as close as is reasonably possible. This is a scope that a beginner can use and grow into for many, many years, and is suitable for all ages pre-teen to adult. Younger children will need adult supervision, as with virtually all scopes in this performance class in our opinion.

OPT has been outstanding with their level of service and expertise as well. We have been very pleased with our purchase experience. Disclaimer: We have no relationship with either Celestron or OPT other than being very satisfied customers.With an exceptional smart look, the Celestron Omni XLT is as a sleek as a short focal length refractor telescope. Buying this item means you get a better aperture, sturdy mount, astrophotography capability, high value, and a large viewing field.

Because of its well-defined design, it provides many besides and fronts in terms of giving users what they need. Check Price on Amazon.

Celestron Omni XLT 150 Review

The proprietary CG-4 mount of the device helps you locate your desired objects by allowing you to dial in the coordinating stars. These coordinates consist of the right ascension as well as declination that are available on the chart of the star, online, and software like TheSky.

You have options to unlock its levers that are on the Dec or RA axis to get more significant and sweeping movements. The reflector of this telescope comes with a 6-inch diameter that has made from high-quality optics.

It has eyepieces with secure and fast-changing capabilities that ensure changing its viewing field and magnification as per your need. Beyond the box, its tripod is pre-assembled, which is not just sturdy, but also extremely functional. Its basic look is impressive that makes a great impression in the room and the whole thing within its reach.

So, you can guess it to get an improved point of view than many other older styles of telescopes. Apart from getting a great way of enjoying deep space in style, this device is extremely durable. The price of the telescope is indeed a bit tough to swallow because it has made with no reading materials, mechanisms, or software.

Despite this rearward, this device has plenty of handy features that offer the best return of the money with great value. Even it may last for decades if you take proper care. Despite a bit expensive and more cumbersome, the Celestron Omni XLT is an excellent telescope with decent aperture, more robust mount, the high value of money, and astrophotography capability.

That means the device provides everything in a single package to consider for you and your family to use for years. Also, because of its portability, you can watch the sky wherever you like to bring it from. As a result, its price is not very higher if you compare it in terms of features with other models. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon. We do not specifically market to children under Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. Contents An Outstanding Mount!

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celestron xlt 150 ota

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