Best autoflower breeders 2018

The auto-flowering variety is easy and quickly grown. Because of this fact, auto-flower breeders began creating new strains to satisfy its customer needs, enhancing its quality. As a tip and guide, be mindful of its breeder. If you want to know more, then check our list of ten best autoflower seeds breeder that you could rely upon.

SunWest Genetics is rising in the west, this company has just been running this cannabis business for more than 10 years. Having its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, the company secures orders or shipping in some states only in Canada and the USA.

For more information, you could call their hotline numbers or visit their website for additional inquiry regarding their company.

best autoflower breeders 2018

The company sells and produces multiple varieties of cannabis seeds. The most popular autoflowering strains include the Cheese Auto and Bubblegum Auto.

Aside from that, you could avail discounts or promos upon multiple purchases of these seeds. The inception of this company returns our journey way back in in Canada. As years pass by, the company tries its way back to Canada where cannabis laws have changed. Later on, the company had continued to open stores in few states in the USA and Canada. As of now, the company is still growing with more than retail partners and outlets in the world. This seed breeder incorporates various genetics from regular, autoflower, feminized, to hybrid.

For more details, you could easily contact the company through their established company website, Facebook, or Instagram as needed. MJ Seeds Canada began inthis company is based in Canada carrying a lot of cannabis seeds and strains. Nevertheless, this includes most popular strains that people want to have. They allow international deliveries not inclusive only in Canada with the reliable tracking of it during the process.

For orders, the company has a website, a facebook, and twitter account that you could directly send a message. The company generates a variety of cannabis strains. Among the strains are the auto-flowering ones which are suitable for indoor use.Have you ever heard of the Best autoflowering seeds? Well, let us explain…. Autoflower strains of marijuana are perfect for experts as well as all the beginners.

Their specialty is that they will switch themselves from seeds to grow and then flowering seeds. Usually what happens is, you have to change the light and dark cycle for the plants. Doing that will trigger the plant to go into the flowering stage. But a couple of awesome people added the Ruderalis genetics to the marijuana strains. And as a result, the plants begin to start autoflowering themselves, and hence the name was given to it.

There are some great advantages of buying the best autoflowering seeds. However, you have to keep in mind that if the plant size is small, then you will have a lower harvest as well. We have chosen some of the best-selling autoflowering seeds from some great seed banks below. All of the marijuana strains are handpicked for their huge fan base and excellent quality. The following is the list of all the seed banks that we love and recommend buying from. The marijuana strains listed in this post can be ordered from these best autoflowering seed banks.

Although we have also added individual links below each review for easy buying. We have listed the best autoflower breeders which also ships to USA, Canada and UK as well, and believe me these are top autoflower breeders right now in This is one of the most popular strains on the online store.

It is very easy to grow even by the beginners. You can use this marijuana strain for easing aches and pains.

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It will also help you with calmness and relaxation. It can also be used to treat eating disorder as it triggers munchies, so have those snacks nearby. It also has won 3 awards for its popularity all over the world. This marijuana strain can help treat the following things:.

The taste of this awesome cannabis strain is like a dark coffee and sweet moss. This is one of the rare marijuana seeds on the market. It gives out a relaxed and euphoric experience to the smoker. It is easy to grow these seeds; however, they still are very powerful. The yield amount on the marijuana plants will be decent, and you will get sticky buds when growing either indoors or outdoors.

You can even use this as medicinal marijuana.

best autoflower breeders 2018

As it has both Sativa and Indica properties, it is really good for both physical and mental problems. When smoked, this best cannabis strain will give out a smooth, sweet, earthy, and pine like taste in your mouth. Blueberry marijuana strain came from a mixture of strains which were from Thailand and Afghanistan. It has been around in the world from the sand from a long time, people have been loving it a lot.

Blueberry has also won so many different awards for its quality, taste, and effects. What makes the Blueberry plant awesome is the sweet tasting buds and a pleasing relaxation effect.

You can even use this best outdoor strain for sleep, upliftment, and to get euphoric experience. This cannabis strain also has great medical benefits as well, some of the things that it helps with are:. This marijuana strain is one of the most famous seeds on the west coast. It is developed by mixing the original Canadian seeds with a hand-picked ruderalis. As a result, they have achieved to make this one of the best autoflowering seeds which can be grown easily and gives out an awesome taste as well.It is common knowledge among planters that autoflowering seeds produce low yields and a weak high, although they are generally easier to grow.

However, after years of cross-breeding and genetic engineering, autos auto-flowering seeds are now a viable solution as they offer higher yields, pleasant high, easier growth, and the possibility to grow at different stages which will lead to a constant supply. This allows you to have easier maintenance over your plants and allows you to grow different stages of plants in the same location.

Another advantage is that since autos are shorter smaller yield you can grow them more stealthily compared to regular seeds. If you are just getting started in growing or want to expand your collection, then this collection is one of the best choices for you. This is because this collection comes with 3 different types of seeds, with 3 seeds coming with each type.

best autoflower breeders 2018

One advantage to getting this collection compared to some of the others on this list is that the seeds are all feminized seeds, meaning that you will only get female plants from your harvest which will give you the buds that you should be going for. The price of these seeds is a lot more affordable than some of the other 3-seed packs, although the total will come out to a bit more than you might think due to this one being a collection rather than a single product.

Ultimately, if you want to get started in growing or want to expand your collection, then getting this collection will give you access to quality, feminized auto-flowering seeds. This seed will allow you to get decent yields with sweet buds each time due to it being a feminized seed. This Mostly Indica strain is recommended for those looking for a fruity flavor and a strong high, as it is a high-performance seed and contains a fair amount of THC in a compact amount.

If you are looking for a feminized auto seed that can provide a tropical flavor and can put you on the couch for a while, then this one is another great choice. This strain is a bit different than the products that were reviewed above as it is considered a treatment in addition to a plant that can produce a pleasant and powerful high.

If you have any arthritis or pain, then you can use this plant to help treat it along with other medical conditions that can use marijuana to treat it. Although expected from autos, this one is especially a bit smaller. However, this may be a pro to those that are looking to grow stealthily as the smaller size makes it easier to grow under the hood. It is important to note, however, that this strain grows a lot bigger outdoors 30 cm difference.

Although smaller than average, we recommend this seed for those looking for medical marijuana that is strong for a decent price. If you are a hash connoisseur, then you will know the legendary Red Libanon strain.

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Known for its powerful and relaxing effect on the body, it is an old classic to all enthusiasts. While previously not available in autoflowering version, it is now available for those looking for a faster and easier way to grow.

This strain will grow to around cm with the ability to grow both indoors and outdoors regardless of light exposure. It can produce gr per plant which is decent since it is an auto and yields lower returns compared to regular seeds. Are you looking for an uplifting effect? This seed will result in a plant that can deliver to those looking for a flavorful experience while smoking.

As it is a mix of several different popular genes, you can expect it to have the quality and taste that you would expect from the Super Silver Haze, Blueberry, and Mexican Sativa.

This strain produces a plant that is a bit taller than some of the ones above, making it a good choice if you are looking for a seed with value in terms of price and yield. It is also important to note that this seed is suitable for growing indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse, so if you already have a growing zone, you can simply add this seed to your collection without any modifications. We recommend this plant for those that are looking for something to help with socialization, as its energetic and happy effect on the body will allow you to socialize better.

The price of this strain is a bit higher than average but is made back through the higher yield.

10 Best Autoflower Seeds Breeder

Like the seed above, this one is also known for its energetic and happy effects on the body. Although it will grow a bit shorter, it contains quite a punch due to its THC content.

Due to the Bubble Gum gene, you will be able to experience a smooth high which will result in a smooth transition between reality and high state. We recommend this strain if you are looking for a seed that can produce a decent height with a decent yield as well for a fair price. It can grow well indoors, but we recommend that you grow it outside if you want to get maximum yield from each seed and in the harvest phase. With a high THC percentage, this strain is quite unique.

With a shape of a cobra ready to strike during its mature stage, it produces an aroused and talkative effect to the body when used. It can grow to cm and can grow indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse. One of the best things about this seed is that during its mature phase, it produces a strawberry aroma that smells quite delicious and tempting.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Raffles Active raffles Closed raffles.

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Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds [Buying Guide]

Female Seeds Photos 1st: pop JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Best autoflower breeder? Thread starter Hybrid Start date Apr 14, Prev 1 2 3 4 Next. First Prev 2 of 4 Go to page.

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As above plus MSNL - great genetics, customer service, shipping and packaging.Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only.

TOP 15 Best AutoFlowering Seeds from Reliable Seed Banks 2021

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Looked around and could not find a solid list of reputable Auto Flower breeders. Where I am located, the rains come starting the beginning of September and don't stop. Been trying to combat this with heavy indica plants, fast flowering but still harvests too early. Looking for quality over quantity, every time.

Thanks PS: high amount of moisture and humidity when the rains start, leading to botrytis and PM. Not fun. Last edited: Jan 9, Honestly I have no auto flower experience yet but I hear dutch passion has some pretty good autos, as well as g13 labs. I remember reading something about dutch passions Think Different being pretty awesome.

Thanks for that Was thinking about fast seeds and heavy weight. I know fast seeds are American bred. Anyone else? High Rise seeds Not easy to find but worth it. Some "regular" breeders like Dutch Passion has some very good auto's. Now Dr Kippling 'Increadible Bulk" is suppost to really give good yields.

Herbies seeds has a site just for auto's. Happy hunting. Gg4 auto doesn't sound half bad Going to look into High Rise seeds.

MirrorZen said:. Mephisto Genetics Seeds has the best autoflowers I have seen.

best autoflower breeders 2018

I'm running fast and vast and nlxbb both from Herbies seeds They are at 3 weeks now. Will let you know what I think down the road Quick question to my ninjas: Pot size for auto flower for outside. I was thinking about doing 5 gals, just trying to get a decent yield and quality.Forums New posts Search forums.

Media New media New comments Search media. Raffles Active raffles Closed raffles. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. DinaFem second leg: 1st: Only1Sky 2nd: St. Tom 3rd: Feenix. Zamnesia 1st: HighnDry 2nd: Only1Sky. Female Seeds Photos 1st: pop JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Best autoflower breeder?

Thread starter Hybrid Start date Apr 14, Hybrid Auto Warrior. I have my own seeds now and will try to create something that can adapt to my climate, but I know I still need to cross in some great genetics now and then to keep the strains healthy avoid inbreed and maintain the potency But where do I find the best autoflower genetics these days, with good potency, mold resistance and big yield quality is still more important than yield Who is the best producer and where to buy them?

What autoflower strains will you consider as the best today best Indica dominant and best Sativa dominant? Staff member. AFN Global Moderator. Cultivators Club. I really like Zambeza's Blueberry Auto, aroma, flavor and buzz are outstanding. Yield is good for an auto also. I picked this based on how good the Blueberry Auto was from a previous grow. Simplicio Auto Warrior.

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